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Francesca Piccolo - Piccolo Sposa
Our atelier is glad to welcome its customers in an elegant and refined location, minutely well-finished n every detail. Piccolo Sposa is the result of professionality, creativity,artisan experience and of constant search for modernity in the wedding dresses sector. Francesca Piccolo, Piccolo Sposa stylist, will guide you step after step to the choice of the perfect dress for you, suggesting the style that better fits your person and then tailoring the dress of your dreams.
Francesca Piccolo
Francesca Piccolo, stylist and owner of the Piccolo Sposa brand, was born in 1972, on June 22nd, in massafra, a town part of her wonderful land, Apulia. Her strong propension in handcrafting, the inner taste for fashion and beauty and the passion for creating handmade dresses took her to start stylistic studies and sartorial training, growing up between tradition and innovation. After a long training path in important Maisons, in 2008 Francesca decided to found Piccolo Alta Sartoria, the atelier that soon became a reference point for who wants to wear a unique handcrafted dress. Creating a collection of dresses for the day of our dreams is a forced step and then the Piccolo Sposa brand becomes reality, dresses with sober and elegant shapes, a solid union of quality fabrics and the high value of sartorial handcrafting. It’s here in her atelier that you can find the key of its success; the Dress and the Aura that represent us, living shape to substance and enclosing the essence, the dreams and the expectations of everyone, simply precious to wear. ”Only who has a great sensitivity can create beauty.”